Last Revised December 28, 2019

COOKIE USAGE SUMMARY (provided for your convenience, please review the full details of our Privacy Policy below)

Opt-out availableInformation
Prevention of multiple votesNo When you vote in a poll, a cookie is placed to prevent you from voting repeatedly. This is necessary for the functionality of our site, and not used for any other purpose.
Logging into your accountNoIf you have a Pollcode account, we need to set a cookie to securely log you in. This is necessary for the functionality of our site, and not used for any other purpose.
Consent cookiesNoWe may ask you to consent to the usage of cookies and then set a cookie to remember your selection. These cookies are necessary for the functionality of our site, and not used for any other purpose.
Third-party advertisingYesWhen you view a poll or a poll's results on our site, we display third-party advertising that keeps our service free. To review our third-party advertising network's Privacy Policy, please visit here. To opt-out of any tracking or data usage by our third-party advertising network, please visit here.


This document describes, Inc.'s Pollcode service's policies regarding privacy, and the privacy expectations that you may have when using this service, or when corresponding with us. Pollcode provides customizable polls, which are created and maintained by customers of our service.

Usage of our services is subject to our Terms of Service.

It is our intention to not collect any more information than what we believe is necessary to provide our service. Our website features third-party advertising so that we can offer our services free of charge. We do not otherwise sell, trade, or barter information, nor will we.


Information necessary to provide you with service may be shared, including:

  • If you make a payment, we need to share your information with our billing providers to process the payment, prevent fraud, or resolve disputes regarding your payment.
  • We may disclose information in certain circumstances in response to a court order or in response to a subpoena or other judicial or administrative process, or may do so if we believe there has been a violation of law or an emergency necessitating such disclosure.

  • We do not utilize any sort of promotional mailing list. We will use your email address only to provide requested assistance or information, to remind you of an upcoming billing renewal, or to provide information that may be required by law or that may materially affect your usage of our services.


    We do not require a user to register before voting in a poll. Accordingly, protecting a poll's results from manipulation requires that we are able to recognize whether a particular device has likely already placed a vote. To do so, when a person votes in a poll, we place a cookie that is used for the limited purpose of being checked for its existence on that device upon a repeat vote.

    Additionally, a combination of the visitor's IP address and the particular poll's ID number are converted to an encrypted hash (which we cannot reverse), and then the hash itself is placed in a filter which is checked upon subsequent votes in a particular poll.

    IP addresses of voters are not logged or otherwise associated with a particular vote, and votes or voters are not tracked from poll to poll.


    Any information that is revealed in a poll or comment posted on a poll becomes public information; poll comments are not private.

    Should you choose to include your email address or other contact information in a comment, you may be subject to unsolicted correspondence from other viewers of your post. Your comment could be indexed by search engines and found in their listings. You should exercise caution when deciding to disclose any personal information.

    When you post a comment to a poll, your detected country and/or U.S. state may appear above your comment.


    You may update any of the information you've previously provided us, or remove your account entirely by logging into your account and clicking "Update Account Info. Log in to the Account Administration Area from our main page at

    If you do not use a poll, after 365 days of it not recording a vote, it will automatically be erased.

    If your poll was creating using a Pollcode account, your poll can also be removed at any time by logging in.

    Other updates, removals or requests to review your information can be made by contacting us. We will respond within 30 days, and may request information sufficient for us to verify that you are inquiring about your own information.

    Please note that most information requested and stored by us is the minimum necessary for us to provide services to you, therefore if you request that your information be removed, you may not be able to use our services.


    Correspondence received from customers of our service (who identify themselves as such) regarding their account will ordinarily not be revealed to third parties, except as we deem in our sole discretion, necessary for us to address any issues raised in or by such correspondence, or as required by law.

    If you're contacting us about someone else's account, your correspondence may be revealed to that customer, or to other third-parties at our sole discretion (even if the third-party contacting us is also our customer). For instance, if we receive a complaint regarding a customer's account, we may reveal that complaint to the account holder, so that they may address the situation.


    Third-party advertising may appear on your poll's pages that our hosted on our website. Exponential Interactive, Inc, as our partner, have a legitimate interest to collect and profile personal data in the form of IP address and cookie ID from users on our website in order to provide targeted online advertising and ad measurement. For more details including opt-out requests, access requests or complaints, please review their privacy policy or contact their data protection officer via

    Exponential Interactive, Inc may use a cookie named ANON_ID which contains an anonymous hashed id in the cookie linking the web user's browser to a profile which contains the behaviors the user has displayed. To opt-out of any tracking or data usage by Expontential Interactive, Inc., please visit here.

    You may also opt-out of receiving cookies from multiple third-party advertising networks on this and other sites through the Network Advertising Initiative's cookie opt-out page, which can be found here.

    We use other cookies that are necessary for the functionality of our services, such as when you vote in a poll, log in, or are asked to consent to the usage of cookies. You may configure your browser to reject such cookies, but our services may not work correctly and/or your functionality may be reduced.


    Our website does not currently respond to "do not track" or "DNT" signals that may be sent as a result of a web browser's settings.


    We are based in the United States and our servers are hosted in the United States. You authorize us to store in the United States any information or content you may post, create, or otherwise make available to our service in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


    We use Google's reCAPTCHA service on certain forms on our site. This helps prevent spam robots from consuming our resources by requiring the submitter to prove they are not a robot. Use of reCAPTCHA is subject to Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. You consent to these policies and and such usage of information by using or interacting with such forms.


    We do not knowingly collect or maintain information from persons under 13 years of age.


    This document and our policies may change from time to time. Any such modifications will be posted at this address. Please check here regularly for any such changes to our policies. If you are a registered customer (i.e. you have created polls and provided your email address by creating a Pollcode account) and we change this policy in what we believe is a material way in our sole discretion, we will attempt to notify you via email.


    You may contact us via our contact form or by mail, at, Inc., PO Box 3286, Dubuque, IA 52004